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21 inch custom made corset

21 inch custom made corset

custom made corset

student in a sexy corset

tight corset
21 inch custom made under-bust corset - a well corseted business-lady.....

A few weeks ago a friend of mine visited me - some longterm corsetblog-readers might already know her (she posted some corset photos of her on this corset blog a while ago - e.g. Tightlaced waist corset ).  She stayed at my place for 3 days - and yes, we did a corset-fotoshooting!!!! ;)

She wears her 21 inch black underbust corset.  Its a custom made corset from Vollers and stil fits her really very nice. She doesn't wear corsets daily anymore and so the corset is not fully closed - which means she has a 22 or even a 23 inch waistline in these pix. Normally she wears this corset only under the clothes but as we said we would like to look like sexy business ladies she wore it over a blouse and a short mini skirt ;).  Well, it was really nice to see her again and we had a lot of fun while making these corset photos.
Hope you like them too ;).

Tight laced greetings and kisses
- Vivian


bigbadash said...

You are very sexy in these photos, thankyou xxx

Nate Leach said...

WOW very nice pics.. I may have to get my wife a corset.. You have great taste!!