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Tightlaced waist corset over white minidress..

tightlaced waistcincher
waist corset
Tightlaced waist corset over white minidress
Tightlaced waist corset over white minidress..
Here are another few photos from a very nice corset photoshooting - outside. She wears my 20 inch waistchincher which she now nearly can wear fully closed when tighlaced ;). With her long blong hair and the white minidress the corset looks really very sexy on her. My favourite corset-photo of this shooting is the one where she sits beside the roses. On of the best corsetpix on my blog i think!! The white minidress she wears under the corset was actually a nurse-halloween outfit from last year ;). Together with the fishnet-stockings and 5.5 inch high heels - a really very feminin corset outfit. Maybe i'll wear something like that for Halloween. Still can't decide...

Don't waste your waist and happy (corsetted) Halloween,
yours tightlaced corsetgirls!!!


cats_paw-pb said...

1. Please lose the sun glasses?
2. Where did you get those shoes and the oxfords in the other pics? They are gorgeous, I really want to get a pair, or two, or three

jez said...

I agree the roses one gets my vote!

The corset the stockings and those heels fantastic !!

marre69 said...

Your friend is super gorgeous and is wonderful in high heels and corset. What a dream :-)

goresnet said...

she is gorgeous, but we miss you!!!

marre69 said...

I think you both are gorgeous, but like your friend a bit more... She's exactly my taste + that she tightlaces and wears high heels :-)
Eh, what the heck! You're both dream women!

Bullfrog said...

Very nice!

Beryl Chah said...

Your very beautiful friend is very sexy wearing your 20 inch corset.
The corset is now fully closed !
Then, you have to lace her tighter and show us the pic's very soon !!!
In mini skirt she is wonderful !
The white gloves is a nice idea.
With tighter waist and very long hair she will be a dream !
You have to coach her in this way !!!

T said...

Have you dissapeared? Seems odd no pics of you for ages. How about shots of both of you together?

goresnet said...

your friend replaced you in the profile pic.... something strange here!

Kevin Lomax said...

Beautiful! And eagerly waiting for new posts...

anna maria said...

Hey hey,

I know you´re really into corsets and tight-lacing, I´m just a beginner, could you please help me?
I plan to buy a corset on ebay, I found this one: http://tinyurl.com/ybpfady , but since I´m not a specialist I don´t know if it´s a good,
quality one. The seller says it´s as good as Vollers, but the price is much lower, so I guess the quality must be lower too.
I would just like to know if it would be worth buying this one, or maybe you know some other internet corset shop with more or less
similiar prices?
It won´t be my first time trying tight lacing, I already own one corset, but it was sewn specially for me - I never tried buying corsets
already made.


Anonymous said...

These are great photos -- I like the contrast of the black corset on the white dress.

mewmew said...

Hi, I really like the 20 inch corset she's wearing. May I know if you could share where and how much you got it for? I'm new to this and seriously thinking about trying this. But I'm from Asia, Singapore, really and and we don't see to have a corset shop anywhere, *pouts*

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