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high resolution corset images for sale I

some corset-blog readers asked me if i can offer my corset photos in higher resolution. the problem is, that already now a lot of my images are used on different sites without my permission. thats why i only post corset photos in low resolution. but i decided to sell my corset pics in high resolution. so if you would like to have my photos as a screensaver or a corset photo as desktop backround. you now have the possibility to get me wearing corsets in high resolution. of course for privat use only.

10 Corset and Stocking Images in High Resolution
10 high res Corset Images

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6 inch High Heels and black Overbustcorset pictureset (10 Photos)
6 inch high heels and overbustcorset
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21inch waist cincher corset, stockings and 6inch heels - pictureset (12 Photos)
21inch waist cincher pictureset - 12 images
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Hope you like it. more "corsetgirl-images" will follow soon.
Yours tightlaced corsetgirl Vivian!!

All corset photos and images on this site are in full property of me. the photos may not be spread or used for any subject without my permission.


Kevin Lomax said...

I'd really like to buy your pictures, but they should include the golden underbust corset *without* the black dress. Of course you may replace the dress by a lovely black thong ;-P

maeby said...

I was interested in starting tightlacing and I just wanted to ask you how soon it was before you started noticing a difference in your waist size- also, if I am very flat chested, can I still wear the corset under my clothes? I am scared that the corset will give my stomach an extra layer that will make the proportion of my chest to stomach even smaller.
And if its not a bother to you, do you have any suggestions for picking corsets?

SUMAN said...

Hi, have a look at our waist training corset, I suggest to start with underbust corset and be very particluar about waist reduction, don not try too hard at the start this may cause blood to clot , make sure you start slowly and slowly .

you can try our waist training corset just starting from $69 , free shipping !!

loki said...

awesome woman, she is fantastic.