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One Girl - Two Corsets?

tight underbust corset

underbust corset

wasp waist corset

One Girl - Two Corsets...

Which corset should I choose? Which one fits best?? A really tough question ;) I think that both look very good, but I tend to the black underbust corset with white pinstripes which I would like to wear with this outfit. For my casual or normal outfits in everyday life I normally choose underbust corsets or waist cinchers because they are much more comfortable to wear for a long time and I can move a bit more.
The black one with the white pinestripes and the Scottish Higland green plaid corset are both 20inch corsets - but on this pics they are not fully closed as I wear them above my clothes. So I might have a 21inch waist ;).
Well, I finally chose the black underbust corset ;)!

Sorry for not posting an update at my corsetblog for such a long time. But now everything is sorted out and I’m back at blogging ;)!!! Have you recognized the new look of the blog already? Hope you like it!!

Tightlaced greetings and kisses
- Viv.

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Raphael Pallavicini said...

I think the black one suits you better....