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White Over-bust Corset

tight over-bust corset

tight corset

over-bust corset
The newest corset in my collection - a 22 inch white satin over-bust corset. This very nice and curvy designed corset has a double spiral boning which gives the corset a perfect shape. On this photos my friend is wearing it over a stretch pencil skirt together with high heels. Stretch clothings under a corset are perfect as they still fit without creasing when the corset is laced tighter. This quite long overbust corset is shaping her body to a really very nice and feminine figure. With a jacket worn over the corset its up to her if she wants everybody to know that she's wearing a corset ;).

These corset-pix were take with my iphone just before leaving home - so please excuse the poor quality. My favorite photo is the one where she bends over a bit (the 2nd one)- it really emphasizes the tight corseted waist.

Thanks to Orchard Corset for sending me this very nice designed corset!!

Tightlaced greetings and kisses
- Vivian