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21inch waist cincher corset

tight corset

corset close up view

21inch underbust corset

21inch waist cincher corset

tightlaced waist cincher
These corsetpix are actually my favorite fotos so far. The corset-outfit should look like a sexy school girl uniform. And I think I did a good job ;). I wear a quite tight laced 21 inch waist cincher corset over a white blouse, a very short black miniskirt, black stockings and of course heels. To make to school uniform look perfect I wear a black tie as well.
Fully closed the corset would have a 20inch waistline - but as it is not fully closed - it might be around 21inches. Sorry that I can't show you a view from the back. As I have a quite curvy figure tightlaced to 21inch already looks amazing as I think. Nearly a waspwaist ;). Hope you like this photos as much as I do?!
Thanks a lot to Orchardcorsets who sent me this corset.
Tight laced Greetings & Kisses
- Vivian

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Swirl Girl said...

The white shirt, black tie tucked in to black cincher is a classic look. Looks great!

La Belle Alis said...

Hi :) I am interested in starting corset training. Is there such thing as light corset training as opposed to 23/7 training? Could you please recommend a good online corset store with reasonable prices?
P.S. I agree that corsets are an expression of self, and not a restrictive anti-feminist device lol :)

Vivian said...


@la belle alis - well, if you really would like to start real corset training - its 23/7. therefor you defenitely would need at least one custom made corset.
but if you've never tried a corset before i would recommend just to buy an "off the rack" just to get the feeling of how it is to be laced into a corset. start with an underbust-corset - they are easier to wear ;).