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My Valentines Day corset outfit: 1920's pinestripe authentic underbust corset

Thanks a lot for all the nice Valentines Day wishes! Some of you asked me if there are some more pix of me wearing my new Valentines Day corset outfit! It seems if you like it! ;-)
Of course there are some more pix where I can show you my new 20 inch 1920's pinestripe authentic underbust corset from www.orchardcorset.com. I like this corset because its very comfortable. You can wear it as a every day corset or with a special outfit. This corset has a great quality and a great price. Some more posts with this corset will come soon!

Don't waste your waist - stay tightlaced!


jez said...

Stunning !!
The corset and the 6 " heels how can you keep walking in them be careful !

Your stockings are so sexy on your long legs

Keep up the good work

jez said...

Going back to Peters comments on your High Heel and Stockings blog regarding your glasses, Would love to see you without them, if you don't need them to see properly. The first picture of you is just superb.Thanks for the photo's.

Truls Stokka said...

I was looking at different corset blogs, and I love your blog.
You should check out http://www.draculaclothing.com we make our own designs and sell a lot of quality corsets at a good price.

ralffi76 said...

has this blog died?
so sad, feminin was so great \o/