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18 inch tightlaced waistcorset, stilettos, stockings and gloves

Corsetgirl Dominique a bit different: Just wearing my tightest underbust corset (an 18 inch waist cincher), my stockings and my new 5 inch red stiletto sandals
These photos were taken when I visited a good friend of mine (she is into corsetry as well). We tried out to take photos in a very fetish and erotic way. Just wearing nothing else than my black underbust corset, my stockings, my red stiletto sandals and my black gloves. My corset was fully closed giving me a amazing 18 inch waistline. Having an 18 inch wasp waist makes me feel very sexy and feminine! It needs some time to get used to such a tight corset but once if you get used to it you get real addicted to tightlacing. I really enjoy the way poeple are starring at my corsetted waist ;).
Many people ask me what my goals are in tightlacing. Well, at the moment my tightest I lace down to is 18 inches. I lust love wearing corsets and I do it the way I feel myself comfortable and feminine! My goal is definitely not to achieve the world's smallest waist.
It was very exiting for me doing such a corset - photoshooting because it was a new experience for me. I hope you enjoy my corsetpix!

Don't waste your waist - stay tightlaced!



You are hot!

Jon said...

I very much enjoy the work you and your friend have put into your blog and only wish there were others with such a taste as yours to post such wonderful pictures and amazing dress. I have noticed that while you have lots and lots of beautiful high heel shoes there doesn't seem to be any equally high heel boots. Is there a reason for this. I would very much love to see some of your stunningly dressed pictures in tight skirts and very high heel boots. Keep up the great work,

Peter said...

I really really wish you'd lose the glasses.
But you are quite beautiful

Anonymous said...

I am always open for new adventures...

Dominique said...

Thanks for all the nice compliments! I really enjoy reading them!


Timmie said...

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