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tightlaced 18 inch waist corset - Part II

Close Up fotos of my tightlaced 18 inch waist corset
as you requested - here are some more photos of the last corset - photoshooting with my tightlaced 18 inch waistcicher fully closed. corsetted and laced down to 18 inches like on this photos i only wear corsets for special occasions. it gives an amazing waistline and very feminin figure - but it also requires a lot of practice to wear such a corset fully closed for a longer time. I got this corset about 2 month ago and at the moment i can wear it fully closed for about 5 hours - but I'm practicing ;). I'll keep you up to date about my progress in tightlacing! 20 inch or 19 inch corsets i can wear the whole day (and night).

Don't waste your waist
- Dominique.

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Love your hourglass figure!