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Tightlaced 18 inch corset over black minidress dress

Successfull 1st Christmas shopping - Which corset will fit best? ;-) - Part I
This time: a black minidress, black stockings, Tweedjacket and silver anklet ;)
After a exhausting shopping day in town, I had to try on my newest achievments at home. My bedroom changed into a little Corsetgirl-catwalk ;). As I am curious like every other young lady, I had to find out which accessoirs might be combined best with my new dress. After a look into my cupboard, I choosed my small 18inch black underbust corset and my black high heels. Even when i wear my corset over my dress I can lace my waist down to 18 inch and close the corset completly. Just look at the - tightlaced - result (best seen at the photo from the back - this corset really makes an amazing hourglass figure)!!

Don't waste your waist - stay tight laced ;)


El Greggo said...

Thanks Dominique, you're more and more amazing in corset.


jez said...

"Class act" Dominique !!

Sina said...

Thanks for all the pictures.
What I would like to know is where you got this corset from. Could you please tell me?

Dominique said...

Thanks for all the compliments!
@Sina: It's a Tomto - corset.