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In this corset-blog I write about corset advice, corset stories, news, and tips & tricks on how to integrate corsets into your daily lives. Hope you enjoy reading my posts about me and my passion for corsets.

My own Corset-Fanstore!!

I'm proud to announce my own corsetgirl-fanstore!!!
If you wanna have me laying on your table ;)... I have same funny ideas for you. Thanks to my special fan who had the cazy idea to think about a fanstore. So I decided to created my own Fanstore featuring products with fotos of me wearing corsetts, high heels and stockings. If you have your own favorite pic of me and u want me to create for example a mousepad with it - just let me know.

If you are in a shopping mood right now, please visit my corset-fanstore.

Don't waste your waist

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