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My Corset Wishlist for Christmas...

My Corset Wishlist for Christmas...
Not even 2 weeks until Christmas! I'm sitting in front of my computer (wearing my 20inch golden underbust corset) typing my whishlist for Santa Clause. Many of you asked me if I have special wishes for Christmas. Of course I have a lot of wishes like all girls have when they think of Corsets, High Heels, Stockings and all the other beautiful things that make girls feel like a real lady. ;-) For all of you who wants to make me fell like a real lady and getting me a Christmas present I have created this wish list. Of course I will give the favour back with some personal pix wearing my corset to enjoy my presents with me.

Corset 1 - 20 inch Black Underbust Corset
Corset 2 - 20 inch Red Underbust Corset
Corset 3 - 20 inch Underbust Dita Corset
Corset 4 - 20 inch Jasmine Corset in Chinese Silk and Satin
Corset 5 - 20 inch Corset in Satin
Corset 6 - 20 inch Lotus Corset in Chinese Silk
Corset 7 - 20 inch Lotus Corset in Satin with Chinese Silk
Corset 8 - 20 inch Scarlett Corset in Specialty with Satin Trim

Dont waste your waist


El Greggo said...

Wow nie list, the last one with the skirt is made especially for you !

Dominique said...

Wanna make me a real nice present? ;-)

El Greggo said...

Why not, and I will love lace you in this corset ! :-)
But I'm not sure that you want it.

Dominique said...

Would it be a deal if I would send you the most beautiful and sexiest pix of my tightlaced corseted waist?