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Golden underbust corset over black minidress

Successfull 1st Christmas shopping - Part II
Black minidress, golden underbust corset, black stockings with a velvettop, black jacket and black leather boots

This time i combined my minidress i mentioned in my last post with my golden underbust corset, my black stockings with a velvettop and my black leather boot to keep my small feet warm. This corset outfit seems to fit perfect for New Years eve. But I wont be a real lady if I would already know what Im gonna wear on New Years Eve. ;-)Of course I will let you know whats I finally gonna wear. Suggestions are always welcome!

Don't waste your waist - stay tightlaced!
Happy Holidays!!!!


stilettolover91 said...

I love the boots!!!!! You look very sexy in that outfit too!!!


Dominique said...

Thanks for the compliment!

Kevin Lomax said...

Beautiful! Oh, would I love to lace you up!!!

ralffi76 said...

Hi D,

where the "original" blogger Feminin gone?!?


Very Hot!