Welcome on my Corset Blog!!!

In this corset-blog I write about corset advice, corset stories, news, and tips & tricks on how to integrate corsets into your daily lives. Hope you enjoy reading my posts about me and my passion for corsets.

Introduction of Domique on Corsetblog...

Introduction of Domique on Corsetblog...
I'm Dominique - a friend of the feminin. We learned to know each other in school a couple of years ago. About 2 years ago we discovered that we share the same interests like corsets, tight lacing, feminin fashion, high heels, ....
I'm posting here now because due to private reasons she can't post here anymore. So she asked me if i wanna start writing and posting my photos on this Corset-Blog to keep the blog running and not to upset you with neglecting this Corsetblog. So from now on I'll share my passion with you.

Sooo - to introduce myself, here is something about me:
i'm Dominique, 22 years old. I'm into corsetry since about 4 years and own currently 5 corsets (4 made to measure).

My measurements: I'm 5.18 ft tall 34 - 23.5 - 35 (uncorsetted) - shoesize: 35 (european). my corsetted waist is about 20 inch (normal) - sometimes I tightlace down to 18" (on special occasions).

Why I'm wearing corsets and what i like about it?
For me a corset is the most feminine piece of cloth. And the feeling of being tight laced makes me feel sexy and gives me a more selfconfident looking. I also like the way it makes people (especially men) look at me ;). Sometimes its not really hard to imagine what they are thinking about when looking at me.

As pictures say more than words - here are a first few corset-pics. As a newcomer on this corset-blog it would be very interesting for me to get some feedback. Of course your suggestions for photoshootings are most welcome. Hope you like the first impressions - more of me to come here soon ;).

Don't waste your waist
- Dominique.