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overbust corset outside

tight laced overbust corset
overbust corset outside
in the last post i introduced you to my friend - sharing the same interests about corsets and high heels. this time you can see her wearing my tight laced 21inch black overbust-corset. after another very nice corset-foto-shooting - she was sitting outside enjoying the sun. it just looked really nice - seeing her from the back sitting there in my corset - i just had to make another foto ;-). just had to post this corsetpic - as i really like it a lot!! and as there are not many fotos showing my corsets from the back - here it is. as her waist is not as used to corsets as mine - you can see the corset is not fully closed. but as this corset has a lacing protector - you won't see the skin ;). hope you like this corset photo as much as i do.

Dont waste your waist - CG.