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Corsetgirl getting famous?

my corset photos as magazine cover?
my corset photos as magazine cover?

nice to imagine ;-). corsetgirl getting famous and my corset photos on a magazine cover...


Heterandria said...

you surely deserve a professional photoshoot! why don't you sign up on www.modelmayhem.com? this is where I've found my first photographer :) You really should do it and aim only at professionals!

Kevin Lomax said...

The photograph on Model Inc is perfect, but for Playboy I'd really have to ask you to reconsider a photo more revealing of your beautiful body... (C'mon, your Austrian, so don't be prudish ;-)

Adrian LaRoque said...
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jez said...

Love the picture on Model Inc Best legs in the world !?

Timber Wolf said...

For me, the erotic is what is left unrevealed. I love the esthethic shape a corset gives a woman. Combined with high heels that tip the body forward to accentuate a woman's assets, twinned with stockings is so delightful gorgeous. The restriction of these garments embue a certain frisson.
A woman are not to be admired but rather enjoyed; is my belief.
Indeed I would never date a woman who does not share my enjoyment of her dressing for pleasure.
I am now residing in London. Back from New York. If any woman with a taste for the exotic would like to contact me, please do at the email address given at my blogspot.
better still Face Book me.