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Waspwaist - tightlaced 20 inch waistcincher corset

tighlaced corset over a minidress
Waspwaist ;) - a tightlaced 20 inch waistcincher corset over a minidress!!


Kevin Lomax said...

Oh la la, I've never seen you so beautiful and sexy like this!

And you should definitely have a look on www.puimond.com, especially for this corset:


With nice adorations,

TLStories said...

Absolutely stunning!
If only you could post more often. It is always a pleasure to see a new ticket on your blog :)

John said...

Wonderful pictures, wonderful corset, wonderful legs, what can I say but wow!

Pat said...

WOW, WOW and WOW again !!! I am realy pleased to see you coming back to something else than the knee highs of the previous post. I definitely prefer this, you are too sexy to wear such horrors !!!
I am completely in love with the way your body is highlighted by the corset. Please keep posting, you're doing GREAT !!!

Anonymous said...

well,this is the sexiest shot ever seen on the blog. As I observe, You completely closed 20 inch corset. That is really good. However the question is how lond did you stay in corset ? I wonder you maximum as an hour and as a measurement? have you ever gone further?19 or 18 inch ? If we talk about the corset,dress and shoe, It is wonderful through your perfect body. You are like a miracle. Hope you improve your body more more and more.
Black colour is delicios on you.
I want to thank you for sharing your shots with us. By the way I would like to introduce my friend with you, she is a corset designer and prepares very good prices corset for tightlacing or long period usage.I can help you about buying real tightlacing corsets at moderate prices.If you want, you can send mail and I can introduce her with you....
you look stunning byee

Anonymous said...

Sehr schöne Bilder. Sehr sexy.

Ich fände es toll, wenn du öfter Bilder einstellst. Auch mal wieder in deinem deutschen Blog.

jez said...

Oh My !!!
The Corset The Legs !!!
All too much!!

jez said...

stunning stunning stunning !!
The corset ,the tanned leg,everything !!!