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long black 21 inch overbust corset

Dont waste your waist - CG.


Su said...


I discovered your post and I decided to start wearing corsets since I've allways loved them. However in my country - Portugal - it is very hard to find corset that are not just lengerie.
Anyway I made to find a store that gets them from England. I allready bought one overbust in leather and I'm expecting 2 more - 1 overbust and 1 underbust.

You can check my blog, and find out the photos in one of the posts.

However I'm only wearing them as a fashion piece, since I wear a lot of blaser's and skirts for work and I think they go realy well with it.

Anyway, happy new year for you to. You are a beatifull girl and it's thanks to you I discovered my new passion.

Kevin Lomax said...

I wish you all the best for 2009 also! You made 2008 a juicy year with your photographs and I hope to see a lot again in 2009. Oh and watch out - I will be in Austria in Februari for snowboarding. Surprise me by skiing in a corset! ;-)

Anonymous said...

that is what I call is a real new year gift ! the shots are excellent as usual. but just an idea, you can add a shot to show us your back so we can see the back part of the corset and how long space is there on the two side of corset. By the way are you planning to buy a new corset ? if yes, what type ? and the size of course? anyway... nice shots again happy new year

Opé - Style Artist said...

I love corsets!
I used them to train my waist when I was younger and I use them for styling all the time.
Best regards,
Style Artist