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21 inch corset underneath a dirndldress

21 inch corset underneath a dirndldress


Kevin Lomax said...

Hi sexy waitress, 2 beers please! ;-)

You look gorgeous in this outfit!

Cassie said...

At first I thought you were wearing an 18th century style corset, as the dress has a little lacing at the front and the apron confused me.

It is a very pretty dirdldress - I wish there was reason to dress up like that in Australia, no Oktoberfest here :(

I hope you had fun - Cass

SarahJ said...

This is the first time reading your blog and I'm very happy I found it! You have a very nice collection of corsets and I love your outfits. I have a question though: how do you hide the strings at the back when you're wearing tight fitting shirts over them? I'm getting my first corset in a couple of months and would mostly wear it under normal clothing, so I was wondering about that.

I've bookmarked your blog so I will definitely be back!

Anonymous said...

I think the shots are smurf but we need some new ones now ??? looking forward to seeing new ones soon or a real video