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Corset special: effects of long time corsetting..

corset early 2006
corset 2008

corset wasp waist measurments

effects of long time corsetting
A lot of my corset blog readers asked my about my experiences and the effects of corsetting for a long time. I'll try to answer your questions and tell you about my experiences.
I'm practicing corsetting now since 2004 (started in the age of 18) - so it's acutally my 4th anniversary of corsetting ;-).
During this 4 years the corset has changed my natural waistsize by a bit more than 2 inches. In 2004 my natural waist was a bit more than 26 inches - now my natural waistsize is 24 inches. And - a nice thing too - I lost about 3Kg of weight. I wear the corset approx. 15 hours a day during the week – but, as I'm studying, I can't wear all day. So I wear it mostly in the evening and during the night.

my actual stats and measurements (2008):
35"- 24"- 36" (natural, without corset)
35"- 20"- 36" (corsetted)

The photos above shows how corsets got tighter and the waist got smaller during time. I tried to find photo showing the same type of corset (waist corset).
The first corset photo shows me wearing a waist corset in early 2006 - it had a 22 inch waist but wasn't fully closed at this photo. On the second you can see me wearing a 20 inch waist corset - fully closed. It was taken about one month ago (2008).
The third photo just gives a nice impression about how tiny / small a 20 inch waist really is - a 20 inch waist beside my mac mouse ;-).

A 20inch corset is the tightest I can wear at the moment for a longer time. How far I wann go? - For sure not smaller than 19inches. Tried it already - and I think thats the smallest waist which still looks good with my figure I think.

Dont waste your waist - CG.