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20 inch underbust corset - outside

20 inch golden underbust corset ...
finally it's getting warm outside. so here are a few pics of me in a park - on the way to a cup of coffee ;-). Like in the last post i wear my new golden corset again - i really like this corset. This time i also wear my golden 5 inch high heels. They fit perfectly to the golden corset. Its quite a nice outfit - and according to how people looked at me when passing by they liked it too ;-). At the coffee a woman - 4 years older than me - sitting at the next table suddenly asked me about my corset. She was interessted in how i came into corsetry and why i where corsets.
We talked for about 2 hours - and she was so interested and fascinated by corsets - she really will buy one now. Maybe i should start selling corsets - with me doing the advertising ;-).

yours tightlaced corsetgirl!!