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20 inch waist corset - from the back!

20 inch waist corset - from the back..

Thanks to one of my corset-blog readers! She noticed that I've never posted a photo where you can see me in a tight laced corset from the back!
So I put on my waistcincher - a very short corset with now a bit more than a 20 inch waist - and made some pics showing me from the front, the side and the back.
I've choosen this corset as it has the most impressive waist and a very nice hip-spring. This waist cincher really makes a very nice hour-glass shape.

The skirt is a very tight and high pencil skirt - so it's perfect to wear under (or over - like on the last post) a corset.

don't waste your waist,
yours tightlaced corsetgirl!!!