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Corsetgirl getting famous?

my corset photos as magazine cover?
my corset photos as magazine cover?

nice to imagine ;-). corsetgirl getting famous and my corset photos on a magazine cover...

Corset special: effects of long time corsetting..

corset early 2006
corset 2008

corset wasp waist measurments

effects of long time corsetting
A lot of my corset blog readers asked my about my experiences and the effects of corsetting for a long time. I'll try to answer your questions and tell you about my experiences.
I'm practicing corsetting now since 2004 (started in the age of 18) - so it's acutally my 4th anniversary of corsetting ;-).
During this 4 years the corset has changed my natural waistsize by a bit more than 2 inches. In 2004 my natural waist was a bit more than 26 inches - now my natural waistsize is 24 inches. And - a nice thing too - I lost about 3Kg of weight. I wear the corset approx. 15 hours a day during the week – but, as I'm studying, I can't wear all day. So I wear it mostly in the evening and during the night.

my actual stats and measurements (2008):
35"- 24"- 36" (natural, without corset)
35"- 20"- 36" (corsetted)

The photos above shows how corsets got tighter and the waist got smaller during time. I tried to find photo showing the same type of corset (waist corset).
The first corset photo shows me wearing a waist corset in early 2006 - it had a 22 inch waist but wasn't fully closed at this photo. On the second you can see me wearing a 20 inch waist corset - fully closed. It was taken about one month ago (2008).
The third photo just gives a nice impression about how tiny / small a 20 inch waist really is - a 20 inch waist beside my mac mouse ;-).

A 20inch corset is the tightest I can wear at the moment for a longer time. How far I wann go? - For sure not smaller than 19inches. Tried it already - and I think thats the smallest waist which still looks good with my figure I think.

Dont waste your waist - CG.

Tightlaced 20 inch waistcincher corset

Tightlaced corset
20 inch waistcincher

Tightlaced 20 inch waistcincher corset

Here are some new corsetphotos showing me wearing my shortest but tightest underbust corset - a nearly 20 inch waist cincher. Together with the very tight skirt and the white blouse a very nice corset outfit - of course don't forget the 5 inch high heels. Especially the tight skirt and the corset create a really very nice an feminine shape with a wasp waist. Really like this waistcincher and the shape it makes expecially the hipspring. To see how the corset is laced at the back - here are 2 photos showing my backside ;-).

Some of you asked me if wearing a corset and practicing tightlacing for such a long time has affected my real "shape" and waist dimensions?
the short answer is YES. My natural waist (without corset) lost at least 2 inches. But i'll explain it in the next post - maybe even have some photos to show the effects of corseting.

don't waste your waist,
yours tightlaced corsetgirl!!!

more of my corset photos in high resolution....

finally - some more long time awaited corset photos of me are available in high resolution ....

hope you enjoy it. more high-res "corsetgirl-images" will follow....
yours tightlaced corsetgirl!!

all corset photos and images on this site are in full property of me. the photos may not be spread or used for any subject without my permission.

high resolution corset images for sale I

some corset-blog readers asked me if i can offer my corset photos in higher resolution. the problem is, that already now a lot of my images are used on different sites without my permission. thats why i only post corset photos in low resolution. but i decided to sell my corset pics in high resolution. so if you would like to have my photos as a screensaver or a corset photo as desktop backround. you now have the possibility to get me wearing corsets in high resolution. of course for privat use only.

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Hope you like it. more "corsetgirl-images" will follow soon.
Yours tightlaced corsetgirl Vivian!!

All corset photos and images on this site are in full property of me. the photos may not be spread or used for any subject without my permission.

corset underneath very tight top

underbustcorset worn underneath very tight top...

my 21-inch underbustcorset worn underneath a very tight top (i sewed it a bit tighter to fit really nice over a corset). one of my favourite corset-outfits for really warm summer days. a really stunning very tiny waist - but still an corsetoutfit for (nearly) every day. together with the mini-skirt and nice high heeled sandals this combination is really an eyecatcher ;-).

good news for all non english corsetfans - my corsetblog is now available in a lot of languages. so nearly all corset-fans around the world should be able to read my corsetblog. just click on the flag representing your language on the right side and corsetgirl blog will be translated for you by google.

yours tightlaced corsetgirl!!

20 inch underbust corset - outside

20 inch golden underbust corset ...
finally it's getting warm outside. so here are a few pics of me in a park - on the way to a cup of coffee ;-). Like in the last post i wear my new golden corset again - i really like this corset. This time i also wear my golden 5 inch high heels. They fit perfectly to the golden corset. Its quite a nice outfit - and according to how people looked at me when passing by they liked it too ;-). At the coffee a woman - 4 years older than me - sitting at the next table suddenly asked me about my corset. She was interessted in how i came into corsetry and why i where corsets.
We talked for about 2 hours - and she was so interested and fascinated by corsets - she really will buy one now. Maybe i should start selling corsets - with me doing the advertising ;-).

yours tightlaced corsetgirl!!

my newest golden 20 inch underbust corset

my new 20 inch underbust corset...

thanks to a scottish corset fan, here is my newest corset!!! it's an underbust corset made of a golden leaf colored fabric and has a 20 inch (51cm) waist. it has 14 steel bones and an underbusk, which is necessary for tighter lacing. When getting a new corset - it needs a couple of days until your body and the corset get used to each other. Thats why a new corset shouldn't be laced to tight at the first few times.
This two pics show me wearing this corset for the first time. combined with a black blouse and a black skirt it looks amazing. I think this corset will be my new favourite one as it's very elegant and fits perfectly to all my black clothes ;-). So you will see this corset quite often on the next photos.

thanks again for this woderfull corset and the stockings!!!

yours tightlaced corsetgirl!!!

20 inch waist corset - from the back!

20 inch waist corset - from the back..

Thanks to one of my corset-blog readers! She noticed that I've never posted a photo where you can see me in a tight laced corset from the back!
So I put on my waistcincher - a very short corset with now a bit more than a 20 inch waist - and made some pics showing me from the front, the side and the back.
I've choosen this corset as it has the most impressive waist and a very nice hip-spring. This waist cincher really makes a very nice hour-glass shape.

The skirt is a very tight and high pencil skirt - so it's perfect to wear under (or over - like on the last post) a corset.

don't waste your waist,
yours tightlaced corsetgirl!!!