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Underbust corset - a tiny waist

Underbust corset worn underneath - creating a nice tiny waist...
I like to enjoy the last warm sunbeams of autumn, and that’s best outdoor in nature! That’s what I’m doing on this pix! I wear a white skirt combined with a black and white “waterfall”-top (because the plunging neckline looks like a waterfall). Underneath – of course – a corset!! It's my 21inch underbust corset. The waistbelt of the top accentuates the tight tiny waist very well. Together with the tight skirt the corset underneath creats a very feminin shape with a nice tiny waist.

My shoes are the Italian Stilettos with 5inch high heels which you already know! But they are so special, that they never ever will get “boring”.
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Hope you enjoy the corsetpix and have a happy halloween, yours - tight laced corsetgirl!!!