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corset sunglasses and stockingscorset sunglasses and stockings

I got a lot of response from the last post – thanks to all corset-blog readers. Some of you told me that they would like to see me in a corset with tie and with some stockings again. Stockings are a really good idea – just saw that I haven’t posted pics showing stockings for a long time. I tried to fulfill all your wishens – so I put on my long black 21 inch overbust corset, over a blouse and a tie, a miniskirt and fully fashioned black stockings and high heels.

Here is something I would like to introduce to you...
As corsetting is quite an expensive hobby, and as I’m a student, my funds are limited ;-)
A lot of people told me that they would even pay to see my corset-pics, but I do not want to make this blog liable to pay the costs because wearing corsets is my passion and I want to share my experiences, photos, … with other corset-fans. So I came to the decision to give you the opportunity to support me and my corset-hobby with small - or even bigger ;-) donations. I’m happy about every single cent, which brings me closer to buying a new corset – which of course you will see on some new corset-pics.

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Thanks and hope you like the pics, yours tightlaced corsetgirl!!!