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tight laced overbustcorset, miniskirt, 5inch high heels....

tight black overbustcorset

...some of you asked me some corset related questions... I’m sorry that I can’t reply to all of them, but I’ll try to give answers to the most asked questions:
well, I think there are a couple of reasons why I’m wearing corsets. first of all there is the very feminine look, which I admire, not so much the feeling of the tightness, but the womanly feeling. corsets bring out the feminine shapes – they emphasize the breasts and minimize the waist, so that the typical hourglass-shape of a woman appears. at the moment I manage a reduction 4,5 inch (12cm) in the waist – one day more, one day less… many people ask me if I can still breath when I’m laced tight… and my answer is always the same. If I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be here ;-)
of course it is kind of a learning process, so nobody should start with such a great waistreduction! once you are used to and your body learned how to breath, to sit and how to walk with a tight laced corset, you’ll love it too!!

Here are some new corsetpics: hope you like them! I wear my 21inch long black overbust corset, a white mini skirt and my new 5inch (13cm) high heels.

oh - the corset-video, i'm still working on it, you'll love it!!!

Yours, the feminin alias corsetgirl!


Anonymous said...

mmm u make us very glad through the new photos...all of them really nice! I am sure you must be walkin' so feminine in these high heels and tight nice corset!! like a cat walk???
I always love your corseted pictures and I am sure I will love ur corset video too.
Before leave, I wanna learn your measurements if it is possible...What is ur corseted and uncorseted measures dear?? let me know plz...
have a nice tightly corseted days..

Anonymous said...

You look great in this outfit. The high, high heels really look good with the corset. I would love to see a video of you walking about in those heels!

Maxine said...

Nice corset! Where do you get yours? I only have a couple, but I got them from pameredpassions.com; they've got a really good selection! Check them out, and sign up for their Bahamas giveaway too!


Scott said...

I am a guy that thinks you would look better without the corset. Because you are pretty without torturing yourself by mashing your intestines up into your ribcage!

jOolian said...

i have died and gone to Corset Girl Heaven... besides your beauty, awesome job on the pics, great angles ~ keep up the wonderous apparel & pics. Ciao!

ralffi76 said...

omg.. nice!
would be nice to see those pics a little bigger?

Dieter said...

just curious, and maybe you've answered this previously, do you wear the corsets under regular street clothes as well?

Anonymous said...

You wear such beatiful outfits! I envy you. If I had your figure I'd be far more confident of displaying it. I'm pleased you look so good though - it gives me something t o aspire to. :)


Anonymous said...

Yeahh.. nice corset! and you look beautiful in that outfit. I'm also have corset collection too.. just visit Bikini Palace. Thank's

neil said...

Wow! You look spectacular.

Great legs.

Great figure and amazing corsets!

Life is good.

Anonymous said...

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Bobby said...

Will you marry me? You are mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

Chopper said...

You're hotter than Jessica Rabbit!

Mizz said...

I love the slimming effects of a corset, but I'm also a big fan of bustiers. Either way, they're both great.

BTW, I like your sandals in several of your photos ;)

- MizzTissa
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South Beach Clubwear said...

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desi said...

Where can one the purchase? I look for these shoes!

desi said...

Where can one the purchase? I look for these shoes!

jez said...

No qestion about it these pictures of you are the best
sheer class act

jamie said...

I am just about to buy my first corset.

Whats your advise?

I want to reduce my waits by about 4-5 inches.

you look fantasic in those pictures!