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Underbust Corset in town... - more Pics

more corset pics of me wearing a tight underbust corset in town.
it's funny to see people nearly hitting the lampposts when looking a my corsetted waist. but, thats the reason why i wear a jacket over the corset - before the corset gets the reason for a car-crash - i'll close my jacket ;-).

allthough a sexy corset is probably the most feminin cloth in the world - and the number of corset-wearing women is increasing, worn in public, a corset is still something very very special. thats really quite strange sometimes because for me a tight corset is totaly normal and other people look like they see a corset for the first time.

stay tigh laced (even in public) - yours, the feminin alias corsetgirl.


Anonymous said...

First of all,It is really very nice to be first commenter for your new pictures :) and I should say that you are really pretty.I would like to be in a car which almost crashed :)It would be really nice to see you closer.
you look so nice while you seated and corseted tightly !
I am looking forward to see your video while you are lacing your corset..
And one question is for you that what do you think about the corsets for male??I would like to know what do you think about this??
thnx for the pictures and waiting more more more more !!!!! have a tightly laced days...

Anonymous said...

One more question....
Do you believe a corset can make bust and bottom bigger??Is that correct? If it is correct,could you please tell us your corseted and uncorseted measurements?

thanx for that again
bye and tightly laced days...

Leg Lover said...

Those poses show your legs off to perfection. The shape and length of your legs are unbelievable. I like the shot of your black skirt as you are seated and the golden heels are my favourite. Best legs on the planet from a class act. There must be a lot of car crashes by you! All those drivers stirring at your legs!

Thanks for the amazing pictures xx

Bobby Revell said...

Your classy elegance is the sexiest, but refined. The corset turns heads and earns respect. We think you're incredible.

joy-joy said...

i wish i can wear corsets too... oh btw, can u still breath?

MySpace said...

love the way you dress :)

you could visit me too tho at http://www.bontb.com

you are my favorite on blogcatalog

Lady Stephanie said...

What a fantastic outfit, so sexy to wear the corset on the outside, something I have done a number of times myself.

I must say you have fantastic legs, very sexy, complimented by you excellent choice of heels. You must try wearing stockings as well, it will only enhance your look.


Lady Stephanie

Mister Micky said...

Hi, you have a very nice corset, and you wear it with so smartly!!
I would like to know where can i find this "victorien corset", because i live in France and would like to offer one to my girl-friend!
This is my e-mail adresse : mercier_mick@hotmail.com
Thanks in advance

Luciano Bove said...

Great pics..is she you? Very pretty, congrats.


Stephen said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. You really have a thing for corsets! You must spend a fortune on clothes. Great photo's, keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

hey fans what happened our corset lady?? she is preparing a surprise for us?? may be a video :)

Paolomighty said...

I agree with you, corset is something special, ans, as I suggested you, it's very beautiful to see a woman in public wearing a corset. You make right to cover your corset because you are so beautiful that could be easy to become the reason of a car Crash...maybe, to exalt your perfect and beautiful waist you could wear a tight belt over the jacket...you could post some photos of this, if you agree.
Thanks for all you make about our eyes.

Tim said...

wonderful~!!! can you tell me where you bought it?

email: tinny_tim@hotmail.com