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Underbust Corset in town... - more Pics

more corset pics of me wearing a tight underbust corset in town.
it's funny to see people nearly hitting the lampposts when looking a my corsetted waist. but, thats the reason why i wear a jacket over the corset - before the corset gets the reason for a car-crash - i'll close my jacket ;-).

allthough a sexy corset is probably the most feminin cloth in the world - and the number of corset-wearing women is increasing, worn in public, a corset is still something very very special. thats really quite strange sometimes because for me a tight corset is totaly normal and other people look like they see a corset for the first time.

stay tigh laced (even in public) - yours, the feminin alias corsetgirl.

Underbust Corset in town...

me, wearing a nice black underbust corset in town. many corset-fans and blog-readers ask me if and how i wear corset during a "normal" day. so i thought of just making a few corset-pix when doing some shopping. well, this is how i went to town last weekend - wearing a black 21 inch underbust corset over a white blouse, a knee-long black-skirt and a jacket - not to forget, my favourite golden heels. so, you see - a corset is not only something to wear on a ball or on party. if you really like wearing corsets, a corset can be worn nearly every day.

stay tigh laced - yours, the feminin alias corsetgirl.

black waist-corset over a short black dress - standing

black waist-corset over my short black dress - standing ;-).
as requested - here is a photo of me standing while wearing my short black waist corset. i didn't post it in the last post because of the low contrast between the corset and the jacket - so you only can imagine the 21inch corseted waist ;-).

yours, tight-laced corsetgirl - alias the feminin