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black waist-corset over a short black dress

my 21inch black waist cincher worn over a short black mini dress. with the jacket closed you can't see the corset and just wonder about the tiny waist (of course i had to adjust the jacket with my sewing machine to fit the corsetted waist). so this corset-outfit is perfect for events where a visible corset would get a little bit to much attention. but afterwards to party or going out - just take of the jacket and the outfit becomes really sexy. of course everyone will know then that a corset created the small waist....

i'll post some pics showing just the short black dress and the waist cincher.

yours tight-laced corsetgirl - the feminin.

Underbust corset worn underneath - reloded

corset worn underneath - reloded ;-)
some new photos of me wearing an underbustcorset underneath clothes. as suggested by some corsetfans i wear a tie this time as well. the tight pencil-skirt and the blouse were changed by myself to fit the wasp-waist created by the corset. it's funny to see people looking at your small-waist - not knowing that the wasp-waist is created by a corset ;-)
ofcourse it's not easy to find clothes which fit perfectly over a corset, but if you know how to use a sewing machine nearly everything can be changed to fit around a tiny corsetted waist.

yours corsetgirl - alias the feminin.