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Corset, stockings and heels ....

Overbustcorset, stockings and high heels

it looks like the last corsetpix with the long black overbust corset are your all-time favourite corset-pics!! unbelievable how many mails i got from corsetlovers around the world! thanks a lot! many of you asked me, if i have some more corset-photos with these outfit. so - here are two more photos of me wearing the black overbust corset, stockings and high heels.

yours, corsetgirl alias the feminin!


Alison73 said...

What a lovely blog. I'm glad you like corsets. I do too and wear them whenever I can and have done on and off for twenty years.

I have a blog at alison73.wordpress.com

Love Alison

Michel said...

Wow, wirklich ein atemberaubendes Outfit! Eine perfekte Mischung aus elegant, sexy, und feminin. Sehr geschmackvoll.

Leg Lover said...

What a great choice of Golden High Heels. They are beautiful. The ankle straps are brilliant. The fishnet-stockings and black ball-corset make the outfit perfect. I love your style. Your are the best.

jessica said...

wow love all your corsets-but would love to come over and have you put this one one and then stockings and heels-then go to a big party and see guy get hot for us and you tease them by kissing me.

jez said...

No doubt this is the best picture of you but have i not said this before on oter pics !!!
you just keeping looking better and the stockings WOW