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ballcorset at the end of the ballseason

ball-corset stockings and high heels

begining of march is the end of the ballseason in austria. but before i hide my ballgowns until november, i decided to make some corsetpics for my corsetgirl blog. so i dressed up in my long black overbust ballcorset, a matching black skirt, fishnet stockings, high heels and gloves and made some realy sexy looking corset-pics as i think. hope you like them ;-).
during the dancing-balls a lot of people ask how i can breath and even dance with a 21inch waist - they were all realy fascinated by this overbust-corset. but my impression is that a corset gets more popular - especially on such events you can allready see a couple of women wearing corsets.


Paolomighty said...

you're very beautiful as always, but I would ask you if you want to improve the tightness of your corset, if you want your waist becoming smaller.People who thinks you can't breath with corset don't understand your incredible beautiful.

corsetman said...

another set of beautiful pictures of you. Nice to see how all nice things come together; heels, stockings,gloves, garters and offcourse...a beautiful corset! Keep'em coming!

jstlkn24 said...

Just found your blogs and pictures the other day...WOW!
You are the epitome of sexy. Find myself coming back to admire your perfect sense of sensual and sexy style....Thanks!

Leg Lover said...

Yes yes yes. More great pictures of your Golden High Heels. I just love them. I love ankle straps. Your stockings and corset are just perfect. This outfit is special. Although you have so many great outfits. I do like them all. You are amazing. I look forward to seeing more pictures of You, your beautiful clothes and your sensational legs.

jez said...

I love the glimpse of your suspenders on those fabulous legs !!