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finally new corset pix - me wearing a black underbust corset!

finally here are some new corset pics of me! i was really busy during the last week, so didn't have for taking some corset pixs of me.

you can see what happens if i can't decide what to wear - the corset with the denim mini skirt or with the jeans. although most of you would probably prefer to see me wearing the corset and the miniskirt, i finally decided to wear the underbust corset with the jeans because it's still a little bit cold outside and i had to walk a bit. and jeans with high heels look casual but still quite sexy i think.

oh, and don't forget - TOMORROW IS VALENTINES DAY!!! a corset would be a really nice present i think ;-)..


Super Blogger said...

Love your pics and blog. Email me when you get a chance, love to talk about somethings and possibly mailing you some stockings so you can model them. vermachelli@gmail.com

Leesa said...

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jez said...

these pictures of you show you at your best !!! keep them coming

tez said...

I love those pics - such a great shape! I will get a cheap corset - gonna go out as a woman at halloween - can't wait. I know its best to get one made, but I can't afford it, and will start with a dead cheap one off eBay - can't wait to see how it changes my figure!

tez said...

Love your pics - great shape. I'm gonna get a dead cheap corset (my first) for halloween - gonna go to see a cabaret - dressed as a woman. Can't wait to see my figure, and feel that lovely constricted feeling. Anyway very nice.