Welcome on my Corset Blog!!!

In this corset-blog I write about corset advice, corset stories, news, and tips & tricks on how to integrate corsets into your daily lives. Hope you enjoy reading my posts about me and my passion for corsets.

Corset and miniskirt!

this corset-outfit is one of my favorites for going out on partys and clubbings. my long black overbust corset, a quite short black mini-skirt, stockings and black high heels. in this combination the corset is really an eye-catcher. although in clubs a corsetted 21 inch waist is sometimes really breathtaking, i won't miss the corset and this outfit.

Corsets in autumn!

these corset-photos were taken on the last few sunny days in autumn. it was warm enough to wear just a long coat above the corset. i wear my favourite black overbustcorset. the corset is nearly fully closed - thats about a 53 cm or 21 inch waist. this long corset together with a tight skirt and high heels gives a very nice shape as i think.