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Corsets in summer

Hot and close summer days make it quite difficult for corset-fans like me to wear their favourite accessory. So, I bought a brand-new dress: short, black, innocent! Combining it with one of my corsets I turned the quite standard and normal dress into a really hot sexy dress which is still capable for summer days. I prefer wearing the corset underneath the dress, because it is a bit more comfortable than having the drapery so close when the corset presses it to my skin.

Of course it’s nearly impossible to find a dress which fits like a glove, especially when I’m wearing one of my corsets. So, I simply tried to make it fit like a glove… thanks to my sewing-machine the dress now really fits perfectly around my wasp-waist.
High-heels and an anklet are – of course – an absolute must. Ready is the new summer-outfit!!!

See for yourself…


kva said...

Cool! Perhaps you have some different photos "in summer"? For example, when your skirt is blowing by the wind?

jez said...

oh this picture of you is beautiful