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In this corset-blog I write about corset advice, corset stories, news, and tips & tricks on how to integrate corsets into your daily lives. Hope you enjoy reading my posts about me and my passion for corsets.

one of my favourite corsets...

on the picture above you can see met in one of my favourite corsets on a ball. i wear a long overbust corset with a 21 inch waist. thats still comfortable enough to dance the walz on a ball for hours!!!

beside this corset i own another overbust corset and 2 underbust corsets. hopefully some more corsets will follow soon - but its really an expensive passion (especially if you are a student)...


Kevin Lomax said...

Dear Corsetgirl,

Being a voyeur and loving high heels, stocking, lingerie, latex, leather and especially corsets, I loved browsing through your weblog. As I already mentioned, I would love to see you in real life as pictures -how beautiful they are- are just pictures: they cannot cope with the real charisma, personality, expressions, smell and motion. I have this 'fantasy' of being at a ball & party in a castle or mansion (like the mansion in the movie Eyes Wide Shut) where all man and woman are dressed in classy(!) but seductive and provocative outfits. Imagine from low-cut evening dresses to stylish lingerie as clothing for the women. There will be only watching, flirting and dancing with eachother - it should not end in an orgy ;-). On the picture I see your already dressed for such a party/ball and I'm sure you would perfectly fit within this scenery and attract the attention of the guests... I'd be honoured if I could escort you for this event. Of course in appropriate clothing.

I am also intrigued what wearing a corset does with your mind. I can imagine it mentally also feels like being in a straitjacket. I would be happy if you explained to me what it does to you.


p.s. if you need someone to tighten your corset laces, just give me a call ;-)

p.p.s. Also check: www.mazoloco.com ~ fine French handmade haute couture corsets from fashionable Paris, as well as http://www.madamesher.com. I'm sure you will find something of your liking.

p.p.p.s. As last, I think you should include this link on your website: How to lace your corset http://www.madamesher.com/comofechar. Even better if you have yourself photographed while giving explenation how to lace your corset.

Adrian LaRoque said...

Beautiful, you look gorgeous!