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a corset for every day???

i'm asked very often how to combine corsets and wheter they are suitable for everday-use.
i'm wearing my underbust- and waistcorsets nearly every day - even for shopping, dancing, and of cource when i'm going out.
there are different ways of combining a corset - with blouses, tops and dresses - either under or over them. especially with blouses i prefere wearing my corsets over it. my latest creation is - as you can see on the picture - a white blouse, with one of my underbust-corsets and a black tie. This combination gives a very formal touch to my appearance, as i think ;-) !!

wearing a corset still means having staring eyes on oneself - although this article of clothing is quite normal for me, it is not to most of the people these days - not now! i'm looking forward to seeing more people wearing corsets!


Fetish said...

Hi -- where did you get the denim skirt?

Fetish said...
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Jeff said...

Great photo! The necktie is really stunning in combination with the skirt. Would be great to see more necktie pics...Have fun!

Dee Femina said...

I agree with your comment that it would be great to see more people wearing corsets. Off course it's a "normal" article of clothing...it's normal, but just usual simply because most people don't have the confidence.

You say that people stare or look at you...I have the additional "stare or look" because I am transgendered and people and society don't understand that we are also normal...normal but unusual.

I dream of the day when society will accept that the wearing of corsets is normal and that transgendered people are normal.

Keep up your role of showing society that corsets are wonderful items of clothing and fashion.