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In this corset-blog I write about corset advice, corset stories, news, and tips & tricks on how to integrate corsets into your daily lives. Hope you enjoy reading my posts about me and my passion for corsets.

Happy New Year to all corset fans!!!

i wish you a happy new year.

i celebrate the new year with some friends at home. and, as it is usual in austria we are all dressed up really nice for silvester. i decided to wear my long black overbust corset with a black ball gown.

hope to see you again next year - yours, laced up the feminin.

waist cincher...

on christmaseve i finally wore the golden underbustcorset with the white blouse - like shown on my last post. there was no other combination that fitted with the golden corset...

here i show you my latest corset-outfit. a very short red dress with a short underbust corset (a waist cincher) over it. this corset has a 53cm (21 inch) waist and looks really stunning over a dress or a blouse. dressed and corseted like shown on the photos i was on a after christmas-party. because the corset is so short, its no problem to dance all night.

this waist cincher is really nice to wear over or even under the clothes and fits to almost everything (not like the golden corset) ;-).

my golden underbust corset part II....

here you can see me on some more pictures wearing my golden underbustcorset. i already call this corset christmascorset. it's really a very beautifull corset, but it's also really hard to find something that fits with a golden corset. well, this time i tried it with a white blouse, a black skirt and really nice black heels.

i think this outfit fits much better with the corset - but, just have a look ;-).

Golden underbust corset...

a golden corset? - yes!

in less than two week it's christmas, everything is decorated in gold and silver - so i thought a golden corset would be nice. well - here is a golden underbust corset. maybe i should call it christmas-corset. ;-)

this corset is not as thight as my other corsets, it has a 22 inch (55 cm) waist. i just tried it with a black blouse and skirt and my grey heels, but i'm still not sure what to wear for christmas-eve...

i'll try some more outfits with the golden corset - of course you will see the photos . ;-)

Corset and miniskirt!

this corset-outfit is one of my favorites for going out on partys and clubbings. my long black overbust corset, a quite short black mini-skirt, stockings and black high heels. in this combination the corset is really an eye-catcher. although in clubs a corsetted 21 inch waist is sometimes really breathtaking, i won't miss the corset and this outfit.

Corsets in autumn!

these corset-photos were taken on the last few sunny days in autumn. it was warm enough to wear just a long coat above the corset. i wear my favourite black overbustcorset. the corset is nearly fully closed - thats about a 53 cm or 21 inch waist. this long corset together with a tight skirt and high heels gives a very nice shape as i think.

New corsets!!

Finally, here are some new corset-pics. But not only new corsetpictures - i got 2 new corsets as well. A red and a white underbustcorset. The red underbust corset can be seen here - combined whith a white blouse and a short jeans skirt. More corset photos of me and my new corsets will follow soon.

with this photo - me wearing my long black overbustcorset - i'm now on 25peeps.com in the hall of fame. So, to all the people who clicked on the corset and came to my corsetblog from 25peeps - a nice and thight laced welcome!

More pics of me wearing different corsets will be published soon - because i took some of my corset with me on holiday.

Corsets during the night....

What most people associate with wearing corsets are pains and shortness of breath. Wearing corsets is certainly not a stroke – at least not in the beginning of the process. Once accustomed to wearing corsets it is not that bad anymore.

But the corset has to conform it’s shape to your body as well as you have to accustom to wearing corsets. To accelerate the progress in the fitting-process I decided to wear my corsets during the night, what has many advantages: Painful dents are not that bad while sleeping than during the day – you sleep away the aches.

Above all it’s much easier to lace up the corset quite tight when lying. In the morning you can fasten your corset without difficulty, because your body hast accustomed. Wearing corsets during the night has a long-term effect on the shape of your body, especially your waist!

Corsets in summer

Hot and close summer days make it quite difficult for corset-fans like me to wear their favourite accessory. So, I bought a brand-new dress: short, black, innocent! Combining it with one of my corsets I turned the quite standard and normal dress into a really hot sexy dress which is still capable for summer days. I prefer wearing the corset underneath the dress, because it is a bit more comfortable than having the drapery so close when the corset presses it to my skin.

Of course it’s nearly impossible to find a dress which fits like a glove, especially when I’m wearing one of my corsets. So, I simply tried to make it fit like a glove… thanks to my sewing-machine the dress now really fits perfectly around my wasp-waist.
High-heels and an anklet are – of course – an absolute must. Ready is the new summer-outfit!!!

See for yourself…

a corset for every day???

i'm asked very often how to combine corsets and wheter they are suitable for everday-use.
i'm wearing my underbust- and waistcorsets nearly every day - even for shopping, dancing, and of cource when i'm going out.
there are different ways of combining a corset - with blouses, tops and dresses - either under or over them. especially with blouses i prefere wearing my corsets over it. my latest creation is - as you can see on the picture - a white blouse, with one of my underbust-corsets and a black tie. This combination gives a very formal touch to my appearance, as i think ;-) !!

wearing a corset still means having staring eyes on oneself - although this article of clothing is quite normal for me, it is not to most of the people these days - not now! i'm looking forward to seeing more people wearing corsets!

me and my overbustcorset...

that's again a picture of me on a dancing ball - in my favourite corset. on this pic as it is in sepia - for me, it really looks like a picture of the 19th century ;-) ...

one of my favourite corsets...

on the picture above you can see met in one of my favourite corsets on a ball. i wear a long overbust corset with a 21 inch waist. thats still comfortable enough to dance the walz on a ball for hours!!!

beside this corset i own another overbust corset and 2 underbust corsets. hopefully some more corsets will follow soon - but its really an expensive passion (especially if you are a student)...

my english corsetblog

hello and a warm welcome on my english corsetblog!!!

because of the many english-visitors to my german corset blog - i now started with a blog in english! - first, i tried to write every article in both languages, but it's just easier to read if a blog is written in just one language.

so, finally here is my english corsetblog!

well, something about me and corsets: since nearly 2 years now i'm really addicted to corsets. with this weblog i would like to share my passion with other people - addicted to corsets as well.

i'll show a lot of picturse of me in different corsets as well as some stories related to corsets.

the feminin.