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Overbust Corset Ball Gown

Overbust Corset Ball Gown

Green black brocade corset

Overbust Corset Ball Gown and gloves
My newest corset - a very nice and long Victorian style, green brocade overbust corset from Orchard Corset. I just tried it on last night to see how this corset will look like with my long skirts and long black gloves and my friend just took some fotos. So please excuse the poor quality of these corset photos - as it was not a regular corset-photoshooting ;). But for sure you'll see some more pix of this corset on my corset blog. I'll wear this overbust corset ball gown tonight at a ball. And as it ist not laced very tight this is perfect for dancing on a ball.

Don't waste your waist - stay tight laced.
- Vivian


Daniele010370 said...

Hi Dear,

why have You hidden your eyes and face and You leaved us just a part of your nice smile ???
...your pictures loosing a lot of charme !

Betty Corsetti
(italian corset addicted girl)

Lynn said...


i'm new to wearing corsets.
I just bought one today and i need to wear it for an upcoming dance performance in 5 days' time

1) How long do i need to wear the corset to break into it properly?
2) Should i practice my dance routine in this corset? If yes, i'd be sweating....is it alright to wash the corset? will it spoil the shape of the corset if i wash it?

Hope u could help me on this :) Thx ! :)

LatexLust said...

Very nice blog. your so elegant and sexy in that picture nice!