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In this corset-blog I write about corset advice, corset stories, news, and tips & tricks on how to integrate corsets into your daily lives. Hope you enjoy reading my posts about me and my passion for corsets.

Happy new year to all my corset and tightlacing fans!

Happy New Year, ein gutes neues Jahr, Gelukkig Nieuwjaar, Bonne Année, Próspero año nuevo!
Wishing you happy holidays and a new year filled with peace and prosperity. May all your corset and thightlacing wishes come true!

Don't waste your waist - stay tightlaced!

Ps: This is my outfit I'm gonna wear tonight! My new 5.7 inch (14.5 cm) high heels (present from my wishlist - special thanks to Austria!), my black miniskirt and my 18inch tightlaced underbust corset.

Golden underbust corset over black minidress

Successfull 1st Christmas shopping - Part II
Black minidress, golden underbust corset, black stockings with a velvettop, black jacket and black leather boots

This time i combined my minidress i mentioned in my last post with my golden underbust corset, my black stockings with a velvettop and my black leather boot to keep my small feet warm. This corset outfit seems to fit perfect for New Years eve. But I wont be a real lady if I would already know what Im gonna wear on New Years Eve. ;-)Of course I will let you know whats I finally gonna wear. Suggestions are always welcome!

Don't waste your waist - stay tightlaced!
Happy Holidays!!!!


Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Vrolijk Kerstfeest, Joyeux Noel, Frohe Weihnachten!
Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the bottom of my heart!
Many thanks for your kind support throughout the year.

Don't waste your waist - stay tight laced

Tightlaced 18 inch corset over black minidress dress

Successfull 1st Christmas shopping - Which corset will fit best? ;-) - Part I
This time: a black minidress, black stockings, Tweedjacket and silver anklet ;)
After a exhausting shopping day in town, I had to try on my newest achievments at home. My bedroom changed into a little Corsetgirl-catwalk ;). As I am curious like every other young lady, I had to find out which accessoirs might be combined best with my new dress. After a look into my cupboard, I choosed my small 18inch black underbust corset and my black high heels. Even when i wear my corset over my dress I can lace my waist down to 18 inch and close the corset completly. Just look at the - tightlaced - result (best seen at the photo from the back - this corset really makes an amazing hourglass figure)!!

Don't waste your waist - stay tight laced ;)

My Corset Wishlist for Christmas...

My Corset Wishlist for Christmas...
Not even 2 weeks until Christmas! I'm sitting in front of my computer (wearing my 20inch golden underbust corset) typing my whishlist for Santa Clause. Many of you asked me if I have special wishes for Christmas. Of course I have a lot of wishes like all girls have when they think of Corsets, High Heels, Stockings and all the other beautiful things that make girls feel like a real lady. ;-) For all of you who wants to make me fell like a real lady and getting me a Christmas present I have created this wish list. Of course I will give the favour back with some personal pix wearing my corset to enjoy my presents with me.

Corset 1 - 20 inch Black Underbust Corset
Corset 2 - 20 inch Red Underbust Corset
Corset 3 - 20 inch Underbust Dita Corset
Corset 4 - 20 inch Jasmine Corset in Chinese Silk and Satin
Corset 5 - 20 inch Corset in Satin
Corset 6 - 20 inch Lotus Corset in Chinese Silk
Corset 7 - 20 inch Lotus Corset in Satin with Chinese Silk
Corset 8 - 20 inch Scarlett Corset in Specialty with Satin Trim

Dont waste your waist

My own Corset-Fanstore!!

I'm proud to announce my own corsetgirl-fanstore!!!
If you wanna have me laying on your table ;)... I have same funny ideas for you. Thanks to my special fan who had the cazy idea to think about a fanstore. So I decided to created my own Fanstore featuring products with fotos of me wearing corsetts, high heels and stockings. If you have your own favorite pic of me and u want me to create for example a mousepad with it - just let me know.

If you are in a shopping mood right now, please visit my corset-fanstore.

Don't waste your waist

tightlaced 18 inch waist corset - Part II

Close Up fotos of my tightlaced 18 inch waist corset
as you requested - here are some more photos of the last corset - photoshooting with my tightlaced 18 inch waistcicher fully closed. corsetted and laced down to 18 inches like on this photos i only wear corsets for special occasions. it gives an amazing waistline and very feminin figure - but it also requires a lot of practice to wear such a corset fully closed for a longer time. I got this corset about 2 month ago and at the moment i can wear it fully closed for about 5 hours - but I'm practicing ;). I'll keep you up to date about my progress in tightlacing! 20 inch or 19 inch corsets i can wear the whole day (and night).

Don't waste your waist
- Dominique.

tightlaced 20 inch overbust corset, miniskirt, stockings and high heels

tightlaced 20 inch overbust corset, miniskirt, stockings and high heels...
I'm wearing a my 20inch black overbust-corset over a white blouse, a very short black mini skirt, a garterbelt, stockings and black high heels. This overbust corset is very comfortable - it's one of my favourite corsets. Actually it was an off-the-rack corset with a 22inch waist but a friend of mine who is a tailor made some adjustments for me so it's now like a custom-made 20inch corset ;). These pix were taken just before going out with my girls ;).

This overbustcorset was made and sponsored by http://www.playgirllondon.co.uk/ - great quality corsets. Thanks a lot for this great corset!

Don't waste your waist
- Dominique.

Tightlaced 18 inch waistcorset, stockings and high heels...

Me wearing a tightlaced 18 inch waistcorset, stockings and high heels....
Thanks for your very warm welcome on this Corsetblog!! Your reactions to my introduction on this corsetblog were overhelming and motivatet me a lot to show you more photos of me! so, here are some more corset-pics of me - just made in the hotelroom last weekend. I'm wearing my tight 18 inch black waistcincher-corset over a black shirt, suspenders, stockings and purple high heels. This corset is one of my tightest - and fully closed (18 inch waist) i only wear it for special occasions. This corset really makes a waspwaist. ;)

hope you like it - more corset-photos of me will follow soon.

Don't waste your waist
- Dominique.