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Corsetgirls or Corsetgirl and friends...

20 inch tight waist corset
tightlaced corset over minidress backside
underbust corset 20 inch
from now on this corset-blog should be called Corsetgirls or Corsetgirl and friends ;-).
it took me a while but finally i succeeded and the first of my 2 (corset wearing) friends took corset-fotos for my blog!!!! for me it was a new situation too - standing behind the camera instead in front of it. she is 21 - and we know each other for quite a long time. since about 2 years she knows about my passion for corsets and high heels and got quite interessted ;-). well, it didn't take long and she got her own corset. still, she wears her corset not as much as i do, but when she puts on my tightest corsets - although she ist not used to tightlacing - you can see, that she is not a beginner anymore ;-).

on her debut on my corsetblog she wears my 20 inch waistchincher - as u can see not fully closed, but still - it makes already a very nice feminine shape with quite a tiny corsetted waist. especially with her pink very short dress it looks really very nice i think.

Dont waste your waist - CG.


Anonymous said...

well, first of allI like being first commenter in this blog;)
And your friend. She looks cute in your corset but I would rather see fully closed one :)
I wonder the answers of some question. The first one is where do you get your corsets?
the second one is that your friend has a plan to create a new corset or tightlacing blog?
third; what about you? It has been long time not to see you in here.I am sure everybody wonders the recent situation of your waist. what is the last measurement of your waist?
I know that is long but I would like to hear you soon....
be tight...

T said...

Wow, amazing figure she looks fantastic!

jones said...

beautiful! where did you buy this corset from? i want a 20 inch sized waist corset but can't find one anywhere! x