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Tightlaced 20 inch waistcincher corset

Tightlaced corset
20 inch waistcincher

Tightlaced 20 inch waistcincher corset

Here are some new corsetphotos showing me wearing my shortest but tightest underbust corset - a nearly 20 inch waist cincher. Together with the very tight skirt and the white blouse a very nice corset outfit - of course don't forget the 5 inch high heels. Especially the tight skirt and the corset create a really very nice an feminine shape with a wasp waist. Really like this waistcincher and the shape it makes expecially the hipspring. To see how the corset is laced at the back - here are 2 photos showing my backside ;-).

Some of you asked me if wearing a corset and practicing tightlacing for such a long time has affected my real "shape" and waist dimensions?
the short answer is YES. My natural waist (without corset) lost at least 2 inches. But i'll explain it in the next post - maybe even have some photos to show the effects of corseting.

don't waste your waist,
yours tightlaced corsetgirl!!!