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my newest golden 20 inch underbust corset

my new 20 inch underbust corset...

thanks to a scottish corset fan, here is my newest corset!!! it's an underbust corset made of a golden leaf colored fabric and has a 20 inch (51cm) waist. it has 14 steel bones and an underbusk, which is necessary for tighter lacing. When getting a new corset - it needs a couple of days until your body and the corset get used to each other. Thats why a new corset shouldn't be laced to tight at the first few times.
This two pics show me wearing this corset for the first time. combined with a black blouse and a black skirt it looks amazing. I think this corset will be my new favourite one as it's very elegant and fits perfectly to all my black clothes ;-). So you will see this corset quite often on the next photos.

thanks again for this woderfull corset and the stockings!!!

yours tightlaced corsetgirl!!!