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20 inch waist corset - from the back!

20 inch waist corset - from the back..

Thanks to one of my corset-blog readers! She noticed that I've never posted a photo where you can see me in a tight laced corset from the back!
So I put on my waistcincher - a very short corset with now a bit more than a 20 inch waist - and made some pics showing me from the front, the side and the back.
I've choosen this corset as it has the most impressive waist and a very nice hip-spring. This waist cincher really makes a very nice hour-glass shape.

The skirt is a very tight and high pencil skirt - so it's perfect to wear under (or over - like on the last post) a corset.

don't waste your waist,
yours tightlaced corsetgirl!!!


TLStories said...

Nice photos.

Still, my favorite photos are the ones you posted at the end of september with your overbust corset.

By the way, what is your minimum waist size ? 20 inch ?

Keep going on posting and making us dreaming. :)

Spiggy said...

First off thanks for the new pictures, you look terrific once again in them. Secondly happy new year. I look forward to seeing more in the coming year

ZACH said...

nice and interesting blog.

Warrior said...

Great photos. Very sensual and erotic. You are very beautiful, I think your guy is very lucky. I love the heels suspenders and corset.

Stacey said...

You look really fantastic with that corset...


pfuschi99 said...

the pictures are great - congratulations to you and your photographer...


Jochen Kahle said...

Hi Corsetgirl,

schöne Seite, mehr Bilder bitte!
Bin beeindruckt...
gruß Jo

EroticTaster said...

Black and White is perfect for you my Dear. Please carry on with your corset, this really reveal your wonderful figure.
Do you intend to buy additional corsets with different shapes and/or colours?

hexchen68 said...

Ein schöner Blog. Und schöne Korsett Bilder.
Würde mich auf einen Besuch freuen bei:

Liebe grüße

Anonymous said...

hello there
I am from cyprus and I got the corset from meschantes. It is 19 inch corset and it is small for me! and if it is ok for you, I would like to change with you! I mean do u want to change one of ur corset with my meschantes? I think u can easily wear 19 inch but I cannot:( waiting ur mail. yusufuysal@gmail.com
I would like to change.....

Natalie said...

Hi Corset girl,

I started waist training one and a half months ago (already down three and a half inches laced)I got my waist-trainer - a 24 steel boned, long-length (underbust - eleven inches) coutil, 3 layer ffrom ellecorsets.co.uk for £130 which is an amazing price as was custom made which I love. She only has limited range though - do you get yours through web-order custom made and where from please? I note you say you ar a student so know that corsets are expensive and presumable have sourced good value ones.

(Check out my corset post from a couple from weeks ago too!)

Bob said...

Love the pictures of the ball corset. Do you have any corsets you wear with jeans?

Andrea said...

Hey there corsetgirl!
Thank you so much for sharing all those pictures!
Your body is beautiful and the tiny waist makes such a difference in the look...
Could you tell us your height, weight and waist size without the corset? Does it keep small even after you stop using it... how long have you been practicing tight lacing? I am interested... I have a 62cm waist right now, and I am not happy at all with that... lol
Do you exercise? Your body is really beautiful... share your beauty secrets with us! ;-)
Take care and keep up on sharing pics! ;-)

chema - Maya Hansen said...

I love your pics. That is exactly the way I tell our customers they can wear the corsets daily. I love the ones with the jeans!
You should check our site www.mayahansen.com
May be you can find something interesting or not

Dblog said...

Your blog rocks and not only that you made me understand how wearing a corset could make a woman have a very stunning figure and the corset on you are so beautiful.