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waist cincher...

on christmaseve i finally wore the golden underbustcorset with the white blouse - like shown on my last post. there was no other combination that fitted with the golden corset...

here i show you my latest corset-outfit. a very short red dress with a short underbust corset (a waist cincher) over it. this corset has a 53cm (21 inch) waist and looks really stunning over a dress or a blouse. dressed and corseted like shown on the photos i was on a after christmas-party. because the corset is so short, its no problem to dance all night.

this waist cincher is really nice to wear over or even under the clothes and fits to almost everything (not like the golden corset) ;-).


Spud said...

Very beautiful as usual. Happy new years from Australia!

nada said...

Beautyfull body waist , I like it.
Keep your beauty waist. Hugsss

from ,
nada , indonesia

Alannaloren said...

where do you get your waist cinchers and corsets from? which are the most affordable? can u plz notify me of one that is around $50

ShoeSmitten said...

Squeem has wonderful waist cinchers under $50... www.squeem.com