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my golden underbust corset part II....

here you can see me on some more pictures wearing my golden underbustcorset. i already call this corset christmascorset. it's really a very beautifull corset, but it's also really hard to find something that fits with a golden corset. well, this time i tried it with a white blouse, a black skirt and really nice black heels.

i think this outfit fits much better with the corset - but, just have a look ;-).


der.brain said...


Sehr hübsch ist das dieses hier nur in Gold?


Woher hast Du dieses wudervolle Teil.



Mens Divinior said...

Really, you are very beautiful, you deserve to be an actress or a top-model, because you have all, your beauty is immense.

Thank you ...


jez said...

thanks for all the pictures on this blog you are a beautiful young women with the best legs i have ever seen, the shoes you wear compliment your style you know how to look good!! and the corsets !!!