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Corsets during the night....

What most people associate with wearing corsets are pains and shortness of breath. Wearing corsets is certainly not a stroke – at least not in the beginning of the process. Once accustomed to wearing corsets it is not that bad anymore.

But the corset has to conform it’s shape to your body as well as you have to accustom to wearing corsets. To accelerate the progress in the fitting-process I decided to wear my corsets during the night, what has many advantages: Painful dents are not that bad while sleeping than during the day – you sleep away the aches.

Above all it’s much easier to lace up the corset quite tight when lying. In the morning you can fasten your corset without difficulty, because your body hast accustomed. Wearing corsets during the night has a long-term effect on the shape of your body, especially your waist!


Annie said...

I think it's a bit different today - corsets are not the norm. The Victorian girl saw stays as an essential part of being female. Almost certainly her role models wore corsets! And if you are into corsets, then night corsets are a natural consequence.

Annachie said...

Do you wear a looser corset or a loosened corset at night or do you wear one at your normal tightness?